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House Republicans are once again trying to silence Democrats as well as the public, a strategy that imperils democracy READ MORE

David Heath 

AUG 22, 2023

Here's a point-by-point breakdown of Justice Clarence Thomas's response to ProPublica's latest blockbuster exposé READ MORE

David Heath 

AUG 20, 2023

Clarence Thomas once humilitated his poor sister for getting handouts. But hers paled in comparison to his high-dollar gifts. READ MORE

David Heath 

AUG 10, 2023

Revisionists misuse the former slave and abolitionist as a cheerleader for the founding fathers and as someone who benefited from slavery. READ MORE

David Heath 

AUG 9, 2023

In a new interview, the unindicted co-conspirator says it was the people's "duty to alter or abolish the existing government" if there were abuses by Democrats CONTINUE READING 

David Heath 

AUG 6, 2023

The Claremont Institute contends those who love America are fighting a civil war with "woke communists" who teach that Black people are oppressed.

David Heath 

July 2023

As critics denounced Florida’s new African American history standards for teaching children that slavery came with benefits, one of the coauthors stepped forward to ease everyone’s mind.


His name is William B. Allen, a soft-spoken 79-year­­­­­­­-old, retired professor. It didn’t hurt his credibility that he is also Black. On Fox News, he told Jesse Watters that critics of the standards, such as Vice President Kamala Harris, are lying in their analysis because they have an agenda.


“They only want slavery to be told from a certain perspective,” he said, adding that it’s actually racists who “continue to propagate the false picture that the birth of the nation was nothing but slavery.”

Jesse Watters interviews Dr. William B. Allen of the Claremont Institute

Yet Allen has an agenda of his own. And a radical one. He is a fellow at the ultra-right-wing think tank, the Claremont Institute, whose chairman warns that the United States is embroiled in an existential civil war “between those who believe that America is good and those who believe America is bad -- those who want to preserve the American way of life and those who want to destroy it.”


The key to winning this war, Allen himself believes, is to defeat the “lie” that America is systemically racist and that black Americans are oppressed....READ MORE

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