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My Story

I’m an investigative journalist whose work has had real impact.

I uncovered elite investors who were paying medical researchers for secrets on drug trials, a scheme that became part of the largest insider-trading prosecution in US history.

I exposed an illegal payday lending business secretly being run by a professional racecar driver. He defrauded 4.5 million desperate Americans of billions of dollars and is now serving a lengthy prison sentence. You can see me retell that story in the Payday episode of Netflix’s Dirty Money.

I’m a three-time Pulitzer Prize finalist for work I did with others. I’ve won some of the most prestigious awards in journalism, including Harvard’s Goldsmith Prize, the George Polk award and the Gerald Loeb award. I was a reporter on a PBS Frontline documentary that was nominated for a national Emmy.

My work has appeared on PBS Frontline, the CBS Evening News, CNN, the Huffington Post, the Daily Beast,,,, USA Today, and

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