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"LONGSHOT is more than just a superb recounting of the development of a vaccine for COVID-19. It’s also a fascinating dive into the business of high stakes science, a group biography of some extremely competitive research scientists, and in some ways a medical thriller. David Heath is both a gifted writer and a tenacious reporter – the only combination that could produce a book like this one."

Daniel Okrent

Author of the best-seller Last Call and

former New York Times public editor 

eBook and audio versions available on Audible


Tina Krohn 2021

David Heath is an award-winning investigative journalist. He has worked at several news organizations, including CNN, USA Today, and the Center for Public Integrity. His work has helped to change policies and laws and has even led to criminal indictments. His articles have exposed illegal insider trading in drug research, questionable medical research and political influence to derail tougher toxic-chemical standards. His work has appeared on PBS Frontline, PBS NewsHour, the CBS Evening News, the Huffington Post, The Atlantic, Time, Newsweek, the Daily Beast, Vice News, Scientific American, and Mother Jones. He has won more than two dozen national journalism awards, including the Goldsmith, the Gerald Loeb, and George Polk. His work with others has been nominated for a national Emmy and he has been a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize three times. He lives in Bethesda, Maryland.

Investigative Journalism

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